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Masoan, a well know young businessman in Lombok, having established Lombok Pottery 15 years ago has guided it to become one of Lombok most success and supply business
he has taken it upon himself to give back some of knowledge he has accumlated over the years, by opening a free English Course for local village youth in his area at his home in the Mataram .
born in a farming village with extremely poor parents he ran away from home at the age 12. his parents couldn'tafford school fees for intermediated school for him. He ended up at a teacher's house who took him in turn for daily chores paid his schooling for two years. Survival was his main aim and to do this he decided to learn basic english.His newly acquired English skills assisting. he eventually commenced a small business, which grew over the years to become Sasak Pottery as it is know now.
Over the years he was found so many young people just like himself coming from poor backgrounds but still thirsting to learn to speak English. Most of the children in Masoan's area have no funds to go to schoole or any education courses.
congsequently the position with the children was that bad that he thought that he should pass on a few of his skills and knowledge. five months ago he commenced the classes at his house and he conduct the lesson 5 night a weeks.
School has become that popular that up to 70 students of all ages attend every night. He has found the children need the basic learning materials scuh as books, Pens,etc. He does not charge for his school and up until now has also supplied all materials , at his own cost.
To enable him to continue this valuable and essential educational course, he humbley requests for assistance from the community.
Donations would be appreciated to purchase the necessary new material needed for the children or even second hand stationery, exercise book, pens or text books would be graciously appreciated.
sponsors are urgently welcome and if you think this is good couse and you would like to help the children
you can give him call Masoan +623706660333 and his Handphone 62818369493
Remember, Eduction and English help masoan. he in turn wants to continue to help other children who have similiar experiences to masoan childhood

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