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Hello and Greetings from This Island Paradise
What a life we live good food nice house and good life style.
But not all of us are lucky to be able to do this.
Sometime we never see the poorer side of life
As an example do you know on Lombok there is more then 200 orphanages,
Kids who need our help living in conditions you wouldn’t believe.
Would you like to sleep on a mat on the floor,
no pillow no blanket and sometimes 5 to 12 in a small room dark and damp with little light.
What choice do these kids have
Can you help in some small way such as a donation to be able to buy a mattress, pillow and blanket for a orphan.
What ever you can give us helps
If you require any info as to help a child and want to make a larger donation you can email .
Jl Gili trawangan No 34 Mataram Lombok NTB
Phone +62 370 6660333
Mobil +62818369493

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  1. Aisyah Says:

    iiihhh.... ada porno'nya..

  2. jackflash Says:

    i love lombok....

  3. ekosulistio Says:

    fotonya ada yg ga pake baju tuh... he..he...

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